How do we reserve our Beach Wedding?

Simply give us a call. We do not reserve by e-mail

What Locations do you cover ?

We are a mobile wedding company and come to your location... Hotels, Condos, Beach Houses, State Pavilions. For more private ceremonies you may want to consider one of the State or County Parks for your wedding ceremony in Destin, Ft. Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island, Navarre Beach, Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key, Panama City, Gulf Shores Alabama for your amazing beach wedding.

Will we need permission for a Marriage Ceremony?

All of our beaches are public, however we do recommend that you ask the Hotel, Condo, Beach House if it is ok... most properties are wedding friendly or have a fee to use their beach for a wedding ceremony.

Can we have our own Officiant or Minister?

Yes as long as they are Ordained in any State or a Florida Notary.

What is  the plan in case of rain or bad weather?

We will try to adjust the time for the system to move out. Or we can use one of our many Pavilions on the Beach. The back up plan is up to the Bride & Groom.  We  can also offer to do the wedding on the following day depending on the schedule.

What is a Seashell Ceremony ?

After the Beach Wedding Ceremony is complete the Minister/Officiant will ask all the guests to pick a shell (from the seashell basket ) and go to the waters edge and make a wish or a prayer for the couple and throw it in together... as photos are being taken.

What is a Sand Unity?

During the  Wedding Ceremony the couple is asked to pick up the sand they stood on and pour together in a glass heart shaped container.

Do you do Receptions?

We recommend The Solaris for the Destin Florida area.  It is a Beautiful Ship that cruises on the Bay.  They can do a full dinner and live entertainment. Go to the website of www.sunquestcruises.com or call them at (850) 650-2519   Ask for Steve for all additional information on a wedding reception that your guests will remember!

Can we bring our own decorations?

The answer is NO, we are a licensed and insured company with the State of Florida and the County.  We are required to have liability insurance and a yearly permit to perform weddings on the beach. 
All Florida State Parks require proof of Liability Insurance , and a Special Events Permit and a Business License to perform weddings on the beach.
By using a beach wedding company ensures that you are covered for your special day.

When is payment expected and what if we need to cancel ?

Payment in full is due 30 days prior to ceremony date. Your deposit will be credited toward your wedding package.
No refunds   However we do understand that things happen that may prevent you from having your beach wedding on a day that was chosen months in advance  SO ----
We will reschedule your wedding ceremony within one year from your original wedding date and we will give you credit for money already paid.

Thank You  

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